• Alicia Dunlap

That Time When My Husband Dropped Me On My Head

Timing is everything. If you aren't in sync, someone could get hurt.

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For as cool as my husband is, you know, the former SWAT Negotiator, SVU Detective and proficient marksman, what you may not know is that Ryan used to be a male cheerleader in high school. *gasp*

We joke about how he'd go to cheer practice while I'd go throw rifles in the JROTC corps. We were both athletic, but in different areas. Ryan was always a little more fearless and aerodynamic than me. He was constantly showing off his jumps and flips. I was more subtle and focused on a simple flick of the wrist. I had no desire to fling my body around through the air like a squirrel. Despite me being somewhat reserved though, Ryan was always persistent with having me try new things and push me past my comfort zone. One of the things that he was adamant about was getting me to try to flip with him. "It's really easy. Stop getting in your own head," he'd say.

Well one day, I conceded and decided to give this flipping thing a try, despite my better judgement. He took a few minutes to explain the basics of performing a front flip and provided a hands-on demonstration while he talked me through it. We decided that we would attempt a two-person flip that required him to stand behind me and pull my arms between my legs.

After a few minutes of instruction, he decided I was ready. He stood behind me and told me to reach between my legs and hold his hands. He told me that he was going to count to three, and when he did, all I had to do was to jump as he pulled my hands. I told him, apprehensively of course, that I understood. He began to count.

"One...Two... " BAM!

This fool pulled on three, and not after three. It should have been one, two, three, pull, and not one, two, pull. Am I right? Making matters worse, because he was holding my hands, my body was thrown forward and I ended up slamming my face into the ground. He actually had the nerve to say that I didn't jump! What?!?! First of all.... it didn't help that he was still clutching my hands so tight that I couldn't catch myself. I'm stuck there in an awkward inverted position, looking and feeling ridiculous.

*Sigh*... Let's just say that I developed some real trust issues after that, especially whenever Ryan tells me that he won't let me fall.

Timing is everything.

Really though, we laugh every single time we think back to this moment because it was an epic fail that left us both embarrassed. Both of us suffered from hurt pride and bruises; my face, his ego. But we recognized something really important after that happened. We realized just how important it is to communicate clearly and how important it is to make sure that we were both equally ready to try something new before jumping in head first.

This lesson on making decisions together is something that all marriages can benefit from. Marriage is all about making decisions. Decision making requires both proper planning and good execution. When it comes to making important decisions that affect your marriage or your spouse, slow down and make sure that you are both on the same page as far as what your expectations and goals are with one another. After you've determined that your on the same page, make sure that you are in sync so that you can execute well together.

Otherwise, one of you could be holding on to the other and unintentionally heading toward an unnecessary face plant.


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