Happily married couple hugging
Dunlap Family
Cutting our wedding cake
Family by the lake
Couple in Bali, Indonesia
Couple in Bali, Indonesia
We Fight Together
We are the Dunlaps and this is our Unit!
Like most, our marriage story has not been free of challenges to face or obstacles to overcome. Our story includes disappointments, unmet expectations, and unfulfilled dreams. But our story is bigger than our challenges because it includes our many countless victories and successes. 
Today, we are in the 15th chapter of our story, we've added three more supporting characters to our cast (with a 4th on the way!), and have countless blank pages left to fill in. Through each chapter of our life, we never lost faith in God or in each other. We've remained tied to each other and to our promise of forever. Each setback and obstacle we faced that could have worked to pull us apart actually made our love for one another stronger, harder to unravel and more secure; Knot Love.
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Until Death, Let No Man Separate
We believe in forever. We are fighters, both in the physical sense and in the spiritual sense. We refuse to allow anyone to unravel that which God has joined together. We will fight for our family until death does us part.
We All Train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
The whole family enjoys it, even the kids!
Coffee Keeps Us Grounded
The running joke at home is that Alicia's favorite book of the Bible is "Hebrews." Ryan has taken on the responsibility of family barista, experimenting with brews. Our most unique coffee experience so far? Drinking the most expensive coffee in the world - Kopi Luwak Coffee - at a mountain plantation in Bali, Indonesia. 
From Puberty to Parenthood
We are high school sweethearts! We met in 10th grade when we were 15 years old. We began dating in 11th grade and we've been together ever since! 
Alicia Spoke Prophetically Into Our Future
In high school, Alicia told Ryan that there were two requirements that needed to be fulfilled if they were to be married. First, Ryan had to have a better relationship with Jesus. Second, Alicia would get to be a stay at home mom. Today, Ryan is a pastor and Alicia is a dedicated wife and mother of three!
We Were Both Born Outside of the U.S.
Military brats, Ryan was born in Germany and Alicia was born in Korea. 
Alicia was born to African-American and Korean parents, which makes the kids 1/4 Korean. Dad's just along for the rice and kimchi!
We Are A Law Enforcement Family
Ryan is a former Special Victims Detective and Hostage Negotiator. Alicia is a former 911 Dispatcher. Both Ryan and Alicia have earned two life-saving awards each!
3 Of Our Children Share The Same Birthday
They are not triplets though! The girls are twins, and they were born prematurely at 28 weeks. Their younger brother was born on their second birthday.
Family Didn't Come Easy
We struggled for 3 years to get pregnant. We were preparing for IVF treatments but decided to give it to God in prayer. Within a week, Alicia learned she was pregnant!
We are all avid musicians
Ryan is a mult-instrumentalist, published producer and songwriter. Alicia has been playing the piano for almost 30 years. She teaches piano in her spare time and started teaching our own children when they were 2 years old.
Marriage Coaches
It turns out that we've had some training in this! We've been coaching and facilitating marriage ministry for a few years now, and are also certified SYMBIS facilitators.