Dear Knotty Family,

 Like a knot, we believe that there are two types of marriages. First, there are those which are a miserable, tangled mess that we deliberately work to unravel. That's not love.

Then there are those which are intentionally fashioned with the purpose of joining two separate things together as one, and they become even tighter and more secure under pressure. That's knot love.


Marriage is difficult because it is constantly under attack by distractions and kinks that only serve to unravel or tangle husband and wife. In order to ensure that we remain tied together, securely fashioned, and free of kinks, it requires intentional, daily effort.

Our prayer for you is that you would be empowered by what we share here. We hope that our stories will be an encouragement for you, that they will help you to remove the kinks that might cause your marriage to unravel, and allow you to fashion secure knots that will hold your marriage together.  

With Love,

The Dunlaps 

When we tickle someone, we are touching a sensitive part of them, agreeably, in an effort to excite them and to give them a moment of pleasure.


Likewise, when we TIKL our spouse, we are endeavoring to touch the most sensitive part of their being - their heart. TIKL celebrates the intentional, daily pursuit of marriage through shared experiences. Our goal is to encourage husbands and wives to rediscover and reclaim their love for God and family, one TIKL at a time.


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Our Beliefs:

​​Marriage requires God; a three-strand cord. When we hold onto Him, and He holds us together.


Marriage requires intentionality. It will not love itself. In order to build a successful marriage, husband and wife must recognize the need for regular and consistent effort. Successful marriages are not theoretical concepts. They are real and attainable.

The primary activity married couples engage in is spiritual warfare. The reason many of us fail to succeed in spiritual warfare is that God is not in it. As a result, there is no leadership and no strategy for success. In war, whether physical or spiritual, poor leadership and no strategy lead to failure.


Marriage is the place where bad habits (sin) and bad character (unrighteousness) are exposed. Like a training ground, marriage exposes your weaknesses so that you can work towards developing your strengths. By exposing our dirt, God gives us an opportunity to become healthy.